Adult Drawing Classes Have Started!

Today was the first class for a repeating series of foundational drawing classes I’ll be doing in April, May and June called “Drawing with Friends.” Go to my Eventbrite page to see upcoming classes:

These classes can be taken in any order:

  • Line drawing techniques
  • Shading techniques
  • Photorealistic grid drawings

Drawing ClassToday was Line Drawing Techniques. We did a series of drawing exercises designed to “turn off” the analytical left brain, to allow the mind to better register the 3d form of the subject, and to improve hand-eye coordination.

At the beginning of class, everyone did a sketch of an object in the classroom, and then put the drawing away.  At the end of the class, everyone drew the same object again, and then we pulled out the original drawing for comparison.

I had not done this experiment before, so had no idea what to expect. The difference after just one class session was amazing. Everyone drew from life with more confidence, ease, and accuracy.

See for yourself:

Barbaras drawing

Before/After. The drawing on the left is very good and quite sweet. However, she had much more confidence in creating the drawing on the right, and captured the composition with a lot more realism and accuracy.

Craigs drawing

Before/After. The "before" drawing of this rubber duck was drawn with confident lines and looks good. However, notice that the "after" drawing has captured the realistic contours of a rubber duck (rounded tail and bill instead of pointy like the first), and is more proportioned like the original toy used as a model.

Bevs drawing

Before/After. This was my own version of the test. The difference is amazing to me. I felt much more confident in drawing the later version, was faster, and more attentive to the detail. I also enjoyed myself much more the second time around, and just let the lines flow onto the page. I would have kept adding details and shading happily had it not been time to end the class.


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