Professional artist Beverly Garland grew up in the artsy, liberal college town of Austin, TX  and as a result, developed a diverse background involving art, music, animal rescue, computer games, geography and human potential. She recently moved to the Houston area to assist aging family members.

What she enjoys doing most is inspiring others to believe in themselves and to love this planet. She does that by delivering the Avatar Course, creating murals and animation, and offering holistic products, services and outdoor workshops.

  • What past clients have said:

“I knew Beverly would be the best person to paint my mural but she far exceeded my expectations! It was as if she read my mind in what I was wanting. I was so proud of how it came out & would HIGHLY recommend her talents to anyone! She was punctual and finished within the time she quoted. Ask to see Beverly’s portfolio to see why I can’t speak highly enough of her and her artistic abilities.”

– Trish Aikman, Badass Branding and Marketing Strategist at LeapIn Development, October 2, 2011

“Beverly is the best and most versatile artist I know. And that’s saying something because I know a lot of artists. I’ve worked with her since 1991 and would hire her as an artist for any project. Plus she’s a great manager and I’d hire her for any sort of team management position as well.”

– Zack Booth Simpson, CEO and Interactive Installation Artist at Mine-Control, February 25, 2012