ClassroomBeverly offers private and group art classes in Austin, TX. See below for rates.

Drawing for Kids Under 12

  • Why? Education in creative arts has been show to have tremendous positive impact on children’s development. Read here for more: Fact Sheet about the Benefit of Arts Education for Children
  • The lessons will focus on the goals of the child and the subjects they like to draw. Attending more than one session is usually required for noticeable progress, with 8 sessions being minimum ideal.
  • Students are asked to bring two pencils (No. 2 or HB), a gum eraser and a drawing pad to class.

Drawing for Adults and Kids 12 and Up

  • Lessons will focus on improving hand-eye coordination, line quality, shading and expressiveness.
  • Subjects to be drawn will be determined by the goals of the student, but most exercises will involve drawing from life.
  • Students are required to bring two pencils (No. 2 or HB), a gum eraser and a drawing pad to class, with the option to bring any other non-messy medium (not wet, dusty or crumbly) with which they’d like to experiment.

Advanced Drawing

  • The student should have a mastery of basic techniques for drawing from life already.
  • Lessons will focus on drawing from imagination and from life, with emphasis on storytelling and composition.

Group Classes1st class $35, following classes $25 each — See my Eventbrite page for upcoming classes

Private Lesson Packages (Gift Certificates Available)

1 session – $45

4 sessions – $168

8 sessions – $320

12 sessions – $500  (Students completing 12 sessions will get to display their favorite piece in a permanent online art exhibit)

  • Contact Beverly for free phone consultation and for schedule availability

Adult drawing class