Commercial & Public Murals

Mural for Fresh Cup Yogurt in Austin

Fresh Cup Yogurt -- adding local Austin flavor to differentiate from a chain store.

Train mural

Mural with 3-dimentional train engine at J.J. Packard's restaurant

Long mural at JJ Packards

Mural for travel-themed restaurant, J.J. Packard's

Vintage airplane

Detail of raised airplane mounted to mural background at J.J. Packard's

Rockpointe Mural

Client's design - concrete faux-finish behind logo

Rockpointe Mural closeup

Rockpointe Mural closeup

Trish Beach Mural

Client design - real fishing net and shells attached to painted mural

Trish Beach Mural with furniture

Trish Beach Mural with furniture back in place

The Alamo

The Alamo, 12' x 16', acrylic and airbrush, painted in tandem with Dana Miller

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