• Train sketch

    Color sketch and final product for train mural

    Mural Design and Installation — Hand-painted murals are crafted and completed with care to transform your indoor or outdoor space with a minimum of disruption during the process.

  • Portable mini-murals — If what you want can fit through a standard bedroom door, a painting on signboard or canvas may be a good alternative as a small mural you can take with you.
  • Process — Upon contacting the studio, you’ll receive a detailed pricing sheet. We’ll then discuss the details of your project over the phone, and make an appointment for a site visit if it is close by. Beverly will provide a final bid and time estimate for completion of the job. After you pay the deposit, the job will be put on our calendar, and we’ll create the initial sketch so you can approve the design. To transfer the design to the wall using the projector, it will need to be really dark during the first work visit. When your mural is complete, the area will be cleaned up and left as found.
  • Pricing — Pricing is by the square foot, and gets lower as the mural size goes up. Minimum starting price for any size job is $250, except star murals, which start at $150. Call or email to receive a detailed pricing spreadsheet. For detailed murals requiring design work, there is an up-front fee for sketches. For all murals, there is 30% deposit due before work can begin. Full payment is due the final day of work.
  • Areas served — Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas and Houston. Mileage costs of 51 cents per mile each way apply for jobs further than 20 miles outside 78704 (Austin) or 77478 (Sugar Land).